Women's Caucus for Art Colorado

We are a group of women artists interested in recognizing, supporting and promoting women artists, women art teachers, historians, critics, curators and writers, performance artists and women craft experts, to help educate and engage the public with art and art activism for the betterment of society. Without art there is little hope, and without women, there is no life.

Membership is open to all women artists and to men of consciousness about equality in the arts and recognition for the talents and efforts of women artists that has often gone unacknowledged in the mainstream.

The local Colorado Chapter of the Women's Caucus for Art generally meets monthly, supportive of one other in our artistic ventures, collaborating on art projects and holding art exhibits. We have approximately 20 members in the Denver metro area. We have been an active chapter since 1990.

The benefits of membership are many, including nationally held juried exhibitions, an annual convention held in conjunction with the College Arts Association, and networking with artists all over the country and internationally as well. The national organization also honors women in the arts with the prestigious Life Time Achievement Awards, held during the annual convention. Locally we meet to plan events and exchange ideas, encourage one another, and produce exhibitions. Please see our Archives section to view information on past exhibits, and see the upcoming events for meeting times, locations and calls for entries.