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Stephanie Hilvitz

I am honored to have been selected as the featured artist for the National WCA for the month of August 2017.

My current work explores the mythology, lore and science of the Monarch butterfly, the conversation between life and death,spirit and soul.

The beautiful ancient Mexican belief that the monarchs return each year after a 3000 mile migration as the souls of loved ones who have died expresses how we as people use myth and imagination to transcend loss and accept what cannot be truly known. This movement between the planes of life and death...or life and life are interweaving moments from one to the other as an expression of the wish to connect with our loved ones in a continuum of the soul and breath.

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El Zorro loteria
20" x 20"
Conejo loteria
20" x 20"
el Pato loteria
12" x 12"
Monarch Dialogues
mixed media, paper, stitching, paint
25" x 29"