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Jean Smith

My artistic interests include working with clay, creating jewelry, working with photographs, and experimenting with mixed media. I have been working as a full-time artist since 1985.

I work with low and mid-range paper clay. All of the pieces I make are created out of slabs. Some of my work is functional, however most of it is decorative.

My main emphasis is creating necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with old and ancient beads. I like the Ethnic look, but do some pieces in mid-century 'pop' themes.

I have used my own color slide images to create Polaroid transfers in travel themes and collages, as well as straight documentation.

Mixed Media:
I use all of the above media to create collages, embellish existing items, or to create a themed piece of artwork

Horseracing, shrine, ceramic, mixed media
Mixed media
30" x 20" x 8"
Polaroid transfer, handcolored, Italy, garden
Polaroid transfer
8" x 8"
African trade beads, necklace, old beads, chevrons, old silver balls, bumble bee beads
African trade beads
20" length
ceramic, gas-fired, handbuilt, stained, stack, floor piece
Mid-range paperclay
50" x 12" x 12"